Stills launched in 2021, and is the newest platform by the team at Rockquest Promotions.
This team is also behind Showquest, Smokefreerockquest, Smokefree Tangata Beats, Rockshop Bandquest and OnScreen.

Stills is designed to be a creative outlet for students across Aotearoa - whether passionate photographers, digital storytellers or creatives looking to try something new. Stills is the only nationwide youth photography competition for students of all ages.

We hope that students enjoy showcasing and celebrating their heritage, communities, people, passions and whakapapa through photography. At Rockquest Promotions, we are passionate about providing opportunities for ākonga to engage with the arts, and are committed to making our platforms inclusive to all.

If you have any questions about Stills, reach out via the Contact page, or email help@stills.nz..


We are extremely grateful to Fujifilm for sponsoring Stills. By providing prizes to the top award winners, they give resources to the up and coming generation of photographers.

The Black and White Box sponsor the Best Film Photo Award -
encouraging young photographers to explore film photography.